5 components for your road bike that will boost performance

5 components for your road bike that will boost performance

When buying a new bike we feel the excitement and are convinced you have made the right choice ... but then...after miles and miles of pedaling you might realize you want more!

Maybe because you just saw the Giro and now you feel like a real professional, it will be because your bike really needs some changes to become the bike of your dreams. The one that will make you go faster, which will allow you a more responsive ride, which will make you have less effort on the climb and above all a great figure with your friends!

Here are five components that will help you make the leap in quality you were looking for.


If when you bought the bike you focused only on the lightness of the frame, leaving out the wheels, the time has come to choose the ones that really do for you!

In order to really make you feel about your performance, your new wheels have to offer better driveability, safer and more precise braking and of course they have to be lighter. In this case you have to opt for a high quality carbon fiber wheel, like the SWR Full Carbon T, or even better with hubs made of carbon, titanium and AL 7075 - T6, which reduce the weight, as

the Supertype 338 wheel that weighs only 1195 gr.

Central movement

A smoother ride will make you endure the effort of the climb better!

The central movement is the component of the bike without which the bike itself would have no reason to exist. In fact, its function is precisely to transfer the force impressed on the pedal to the chain that makes the wheel spin. This is perhaps the main component of the bicycle.

That's why it's very important to choose it well.

There are different types of central movements from the key to the cartridge, up to the most advanced with sealed bearings. A light central movement (like the Miche Supertype 68x46, entirely made of AL 7075 -T6 that weighs only 132 g!) Will allow you to improve the responsiveness of pedaling and "turn your leg" properly.

An important thing to check before buying is that the dimensions of your frame are compatible with the size of the movement. For installation, be sure to read the assembly instructions very well.


We talked about the strength of the pedal to the chain, but we did not mention the mechanical means by which this happens ... here it is!

The crank is undoubtedly one of the fundamental components to make the man - bike system work well.

Low weight, high stiffness and precision of change are the ingredients to improve your pedaling and your performance.

A 4-arm carbon fiber crank, like the Supertype Hsl, with gears that guarantee a quick and precise change, are our recommendation.          


If the bike is not new or you have decided to change the crankset, we advise you not to stop there: for even better gear changes, it is better to replace the box too. Obviously we will look for a 11-speed cassette, with precise processing of the sprockets and built with resistant materials. Up to here the options would be very many. But if we want to add weight reduction, then better think about products that make intelligent use of materials, like the Supertype 11SH, with the last AL 7075 T6 anodized position, which reduces the weight to 165g. Always make sure that the frame dimensions are compatible. Better yet, do it to an expert! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9VJjugTNWk



Lightness, reactivity and speed are important but do not forget the importance of a good braking for your safety and that of others.

Brakes such as Supertype RS, obtained from the processing of light and precious materials, have all the characteristics to maximize the rigidity and resistance to wear. The dual pivot system allows you to calibrate the braking to perfection and the double spiral spring system softens the action.

This will allow you to avoid a click braking!

(The cyclists of Caja Rural have also confirmed this during their visit to the company)

It's not all here!

If you want to make your bike even lighter we suggest you to choose the entire Supertype Group that in addition to wheels, bottom bracket, crank case, box and brakes also includes the Supertype RS pedals and the 11 Speed chain.

With these few tricks and a lot of training we are sure that you will no longer have any rivals!