The Primato Pista Group is produced for performances at the highest level. The torsional rigidity of all the components enable track riders to perform to their maximum. Wide availability of teeth on both chainrings and sprockets. Pistard wheels, with lightweight alloy rims and large flange hubs respond immediately when sudden bursts of acceleration are required, and deliver progressive smoothness.

Pistard groupset composition:
WHPIT2BS Pistard Tubular wheels
Optional WHPIC2BS Pistard clincher wheels – WHPIP2BS Pistard pista/pista wheels
CSPA0B Primato Pista Advanced crank set
BBPRIB Primato JIS bottom bracket
SPPISK Pista sprocket with housing
CHPS0B Pista chain
PIMIBB Miche seat post
PEMT4P MT4 pedals