On Saturday 12 January the official presentation of the Wilier 7C Force mountain bike team took place in San Martino di Castrozza.

The first novelty lies in the name, with the team that has abandoned the old name Wilier Triestina to also embrace the new sponsor Costa Rica 7C.

Change the name but do not change the great security on which to bet: the team team manager will always be Massimo Debertolis who will direct the Wilier 7C Force, which will be part of a total of 12 athletes, of which 7 in Italy (Massimo Debertolis, Johnny Cattaneo, Tony Longo, Martin Tronconi, Michael Wohlgemuth, Marco Rebagliati, Ole Hem) and 5 in Costa Rica training (Luis Mejia, Gregory Brenes, Dyer Rincon, Jonathan Carballo, Dax Jaikel).

In addition to the role of team manager, Massimo will also continue in the competitive activity, which has seen him excel in many important competitions.

During this season the world champion Marathon said that he will dedicate himself mainly to stage races, given the excellent results of the past seasons at the Bike Transalp and the Cape Epic.

Leading the team remain faithful Tony Longo and Johnny Cattaneo, the athletes with more experience within the team and who have been an essential part of the team's growth.

The two captains are not the only ones who have been confirmed for this cycling season:

also the very young Michael Wohlgemuth continues to be part of the team and is sure he wants to give his best, listening to the advice of Massimo and his teammates.

Together with Michael we also find Marco Rebagliati who, full of expectations thanks to the results of last season, this year wants to prefer the fat wheels and take the next step in terms of quality and results.

In addition to these consolidated confirmations, the Wilier 7C Force will boast two very promising athletes.

So we met Ole Hem, Norwegian champion Marathon in charge and tenth at the World Championships in Auronzo di Cadore 2018.

An excellent placement that earned him the attention of Team Manager Massimo Debertolis, determined to want him on his team.

In addition to the "viking" Ole, we find another new entry: it is the 22 year old Tuscan Martino Tronconi.

Martino boasts notable results in 2018, where we saw him coming second to the Hero Dolomites and seventh to the Dolomites Superbike. Thanks to these important results, it has been defined as the most promising young Italian at the national level in the Marathon races.

A really interesting team, with all the credentials to give great emotions.

Valter Calesso is also very satisfied with the team, responsible for relations with the teams, who took part in the presentation.

"I think that this year is a good team, very international, thanks to the guys who will give us the chance to have visibility abroad too.It's a team that has grown a lot, so it was logical to confirm our presence with Miche for the fifth consecutive year.With the programs presented by Massimo Debortolis we wanted to confirm immediately for this 2019 season "

After the interesting presentation on the stage inside the conference hall of the Sass Maor building, we talked with the athletes and the team technicians to get their opinion on the Miche K1 carbon wheels supplied to the team for the second consecutive year, mounted on 110X and 110 FX bikes.

Massimo Debertolis is very satisfied with the product, which continues to meet all expectations very well. "The Miche wheels are absolutely performing" says Massimo "we are very comfortable with the material and we have never had any problems".

Even the South Tyrolean Michael Wohlgemuth is satisfied with the K1:

"I've been riding these wheels for two years now and I've never had any problems, I know them well and I just like to see them while pedaling! Then when I'm on a bike, people look at them and ask me for information, I I tell him how I am and I explain to him that they are excellent wheels. "

If Massimo and Michael now know very well the Miche components, there are also those who had never tried our wheels before.

This is the newcomer Ole Hem, who said he was very enthusiastic about being able to compete with this product.

"I tried them on the road and I immediately had a great feeling!

They all talked about it so I can not wait to try them more, especially on the ground! (mud?) "Ole tells us smiling.

In addition to the athletes, we also talked with another very important figure within the team, the mechanic Luca Dal Bo.

"The K1 is a 1300-gram carbon wheel, so lightweight, but at the same time it is very reliable and equally robust, a wheel certainly at the height, and will certainly stand alongside our athletes to bring them hopefully great victories"

And this is exactly what we all hope, that the Wilier 7 C Force team has the results it deserves, that brings home good wins but above all it is always fun to ride with components up to expectations! And if after reading this post you feel like going out on a mountain bike do not forget to read our 10 tips to keep your MTB in perfect shape.