3 cycling routes in Italy to try this Summer

3 cycling routes in Italy to try this Summer

Here we are..

The first sunny days are back, spring is coming and the mild temperatures encourage you to get back on the bike!

To help you better enjoy the beautiful spring colors among blossoming trees and green meadows that make the Italian landscape unique, here are 3 itineraries to ride at least once in your life.

As usual, before embarking on any route, remember to give your bike a health check-up, and make sure you have all the spare parts needed. Here you will find a couple of articles to help you keep your road bike or your mtb in top shape.


Let's start with this beautiful route, the longest in Italy. Although this is not a cycling-only route, as only 4% of it has a cycling path, 26% runs through routes far from busy centers (greenway), while the remaining 70% is located in areas with motorized traffic.

The Ciclopista del Sole (CPS) is 3,000 km long and runs through the whole of Italy, from Brenner to Sicily and Sardinia. It is also part of the longer EuroVelo route.

The Ciclopista del Sole, starts in the Trentino region, on the Brenner, in the province of Bolzano, descends through Veneto and then across Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and finally Sicily.

Once arrived in Sicily, the Ciclopista del Sole and EuroVelo take two different routes, with the latter continuing to Malta, while the CPS will move to Sardinia.

From Cagliari, you can choose whether to make the route along the west coast which has Sassari as its arrival, or prefer the east coast, where the end point of the CPS is Santa Teresa di Gallura.

Whatever your choice, you can certainly take advantage of the beautiful season to experience Sardinia also from a tourist point of view and enjoy the splendid Sardinian sea!

You just have to leave to cross the whole of Italy with your bike or choose the region you prefer to ride, even if only in a stretch of the Ciclopista del Sole!


Cilento is a wonderful area of Italy that is still not very well known and this makes it a small treasure to discover.

Whether you've been there before or not, the Via Silente route is definitely a splendid way to discover the beauty of these places characterized by tranquility and nature.

Via Silente is a cycle path that was named after the peculiarity of the silence that distinguishes the entire journey: a 600 km loop that starts from the sea and ends up on the sea again.

Starting from the coast, in fact, you dive into the hills of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni national park, surrounded only by silence and an enchanting natural landscape.

In fact, by doing this route in spring, you can also decide to make some regenerating stops, diving into the beautiful sea that you will find in several points along the way.

Despite being in the middle of nature, the Via Silente is suitable for all types of bikes because the route is almost entirely on a paved cycle path.

In addition, the route takes place practically only in the hills so it is easily negotiable even by those who are not too trained.

Only a couple of points are more demanding (Monte Cervati, 1,898 m and Monte Sacro, 1,705m) but can possibly be circumvented without problems.

Like the Via Francigena, the Via Silente is also organized in stages (15 stages of about 35 kilometers each, but you can obviously decide to do it more or less quickly) and you can buy Silentina, a booklet where every time they will come signposted all the stages reached and which entitles you to a 20% discount in the partner accommodation facilities.

The departure is from Castelnuovo Cilento and it is there that you can collect the Silentina.

And if you like the idea of traveling this route by bike but don't feel like tackling it with a normal bike, you can always consider the idea of using an electric bike!

Here you will find our advice on how to choose the E-bike that best suits you, while at this link you can find the best components.


A breathtaking cycle path along Lake Garda, 190 km long, built in midair and crossing 3 regions: Veneto, Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige.

This is the ambitious project of the cycle path already named the most spectacular in Europe, although it is not yet fully accessible.

The cycle path is not yet finished, but in 2021 we will finally be able to take advantage of this wonderful route that crosses small villages, wonderful views and points where it seems to be suspended over the water.

The track will be 2.5m wide with a section dedicated to pedestrians, and will also be connected to the Ciclopista del Sole and EuroVelo 7

The route is structured along an entirely cycle ring that surrounds Lake Garda which, taking advantage of existing cycle track parts, disused railway stations and parts from scratch, will connect Capo Reamol to Limone sul Garda.

And it is right here that at the moment you can already cycle a few kilometers of the cycle path, in the Limone sul Garda area, where the track is already usable and you can enjoy the spectacular scenery.

The route is only 2 kilometers long but they are really worth it: you ride on a stretch overlooking the lake, with a breathtaking view where it really seems to be suspended between lake and sky.

The track is in fact a metal structure attached to the mountain, very particular and suggestive.

For now we can enjoy this small part of the cycle path, taking advantage of a beautiful sunny day, waiting for just over a year when this wonderful work that many bike enthusiasts are waiting for is finally ready!

These are the proposals of the cycle paths to travel in our beautiful country, but if you intend to move abroad do not miss this article where we recommend 3 beautiful routes outside Italy.

And if you are considering traveling without leaving your two wheels at home, here you will find out how you can travel in Europe by bringing your bike, both by train and by plane!

We always advise you to train well before embarking on any long journey, so as not to have problems during the journey and not get too tired.

In this article we advise you how to make yourself prepared for the first releases of the summer.

Enjoy the ride folks!