FAC MICHELIN SpA, is constantly striving to give their customers the best technical support through its network of Dealers and to give the best "Guarantees" on original products.

All product manuals are available to users in the Catalog area.


FAC MICHELIN S.p.A. would like to thank and compliment you for having purchased our products, and we recommend you read these instructions carefully, as they are an integral part of the operating instructions and they should be kept in a safe place for future consultation.



All the installation, maintenance and repair procedures must be carried out scrupulously observing the product instructions, remembering that the greater part of these operations require specific skill and experience and suitable equipment.



The MICHE product has been devised, designed and produced for using on both racing bikes, therefore for use on roads with smooth asphalt or on tracks, and on mountain bikes, within the limits of the EN 14766 standard.



The life cycle of the MICHE product depends on a series of factors, such as the rider’s weight and the conditions in which it is used. An improper use of the MICHE product would compromise its structural integrity and drastically reduce its life cycle. We recommend carrying out periodic controls on the bike (every 3-4 months) by a specialised mechanic or qualified person to check that there are no cracks, deformation, signs of fatigue or wear. In the event there are signs of any of these factors, the component must be immediately replaced.



Should a MICHE product or any of its components contain defects, whether material or produced during the manufacturing process,  such product or component shall be repaired or replaced free of charge by FAC MICHELIN S.p.A., at its option.

The rights deriving from this warranty shall be acknowledged in favour of the original purchaser of the MICHE product within the boundaries of the national territory; Said rights are not transferable to third parties having acquired the product from the original purchaser.


The validity term for replacing the defected parts is 2 years from the date of retail purchase.



Defect reclamations –to present directly before the retailer having conducted the transaction– shall be accepted only if filled in during the warranty period of the product (as attested by the selling date appearing on the ticket) and within 30 days as of the identification of such defect. Reclamations shall always be accompanied by a detailed description of the defect detected.

Any return shall be previously authorized by the manufacturer and filled in by the retailer. FAC MICHELIN S.p.A. shall not accept returns not duly filled in by the retailer.


This warranty shall not apply in cases of negligence and/or inadequate use of the product, normal wear, non-compliance with the installation, use, and maintenance instructions, as well as repairs conducted using spare parts that fail to meet the specifications detailed in the Manual or not supplied by FAC MICHELIN S.p.A., as well as any other situation not directly imputable to FAC MICHELIN S.p.A.


will not be held responsible for any indirect or accessory damage relative to using the product. Whoever buys a MICHE product is aware of the fact that using a bike bears certain risks, including the breakage of a bike component and other risks that can cause accidents, and serious or mortal injuries. By buying and using this MICHE product, the customer expressly, voluntarily and consciously accepts and takes on all said risks and will not attribute any blame to FAC MICHELIN S.p.A. for any damage that may derive.


FAC MICHELIN S.p.A reserves the right to make changes to its production at any time without prior notice.