FAC MICHELIN SpA, is constantly striving to give their customers the best technical support through its network of Dealers and to give the best "Guarantees" on original products.

All product manuals are available to users in the Instructtions area.


FAC MICHELIN S.p.A. would like to thank you for purchasing a MICHE product. Please read carefully the information provided below included in the instructions and keep them in a safe place to refer back to them whenever needed.



It is recommended to carry out the procedures for installation, maintenance and repair of the product MICHE by carefully following the instructions supplied by the manufacturer in the “Manual for use and maintenance” (hereafter the Manual). If the product is purchased without that Manual, the purchaser must request a copy to the dealer; under no circumstance, the purchaser shall install the product without the mentioned Manual. Furthermore, since it is considered that most of the operations require adequate experience and equipment, the purchaser of the product MICHE shall refer to the dealer or a professional mechanic if not considered enabled to accomplish those operations.



The product MICHE has been created, designed and produced to be used on racers or mountain bikes. The life cycle of the product MICHE depends on several factors, such as, for instance, the weight of the user, the conditions of use, and the frequency of use. An improper use of the product or other accidental events noticed in the use may affect the integrity of the structure and consequently reduce also the life cycle. Thus, it is recommended to have the bike periodically examined (every 3/4 months) (always, instead, in case of accidents with damages on the bike) by a specialized mechanic or by skilled staff to check for cracks, buckles and signs of fatigue or wear. If one of these factors is detected, the product must be immediately replaced.



Should a MICHE product or any of its components contain defects, whether material or produced during the manufacturing process, such product or component shall be repaired or replaced free of charge by FAC MICHELIN S.p.A., at its option.

The rights deriving from this warranty shall be acknowledged in favour of the original purchaser of the MICHE product within the boundaries of the national territory; Said rights are not transferable to third parties having acquired the product from the original purchaser.



The validity term for replacing the defected parts is 2 years from the date of retail purchase.



Defect reclamations –to present directly before the retailer having conducted the transaction– shall be accepted only if filled in during the warranty period of the product (as attested by the selling date appearing on the ticket) and within 30 days as of the identification of such defect. Reclamations shall always be accompanied by a detailed description of the defect detected. Any return shall be previously authorized by the manufacturer and filled in by the retailer. FAC MICHELIN S.p.A. shall not accept returns not duly filled in by the retailer.



This warranty shall not apply in cases of negligence and/or inadequate use of the product, normal wear, non-compliance with the installation, use, and maintenance instructions, as well as repairs conducted using spare parts that fail to meet the specifications detailed in the Manual or not supplied by FAC MICHELIN S.p.A., as well as any other situation not directly imputable to FAC MICHELIN S.p.A.



FAC MICHELIN S.p.A. shall not be held liable for any damage that may derive, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the non-observance of the instructions contained in the Manual and related, in particular, to the warnings about installation, use and maintenance of the product. No reimbursement shall be granted for any temporary non-use of the bike.FAC MICHELIN S.p.A. reserves the right to make changes to the production at any moment and without prior notification.


FAC MICHELIN S.p.A reserves the right to modify production at any moment and without forewarning.


The above named products, including brand and trade names, are recognized by Fac Michelin SpA as belonging to their respective legal owners, and are listed to define the compatibility of products offered by Fac Michelin SpA.