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Primato Pista Groupset

Primato Pista Groupset

Cod. 200730


The ridigidty and strength of the MICHE track components is particulary a result of the optimally forged chainset and the Pistard WRwheelset that includes low resistence large flange hubs, offering the track rider exceptional high speed performance. MICHE offers a large range of chainring and track sprockets in various ratios for optimal gearing selection for any track event.



15470 Pistard WR Wheels


120G0 "MT4" Pedals Set


15201 Pista steel Sprocket & Housing


1593C Pista Chain


16ST0 Miche Seat Post


1910S Primato Advanced Pista Crank Set BCD 144


1913T Primato Bottom Bracket





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